ART IN MOTION Studio in Southeast Portland offers wondrous and whimsical mixed media art classes for children and adults.

WELCOME to the art in motion studio with artist and educator Elizabeth Craig. 



     The art in Motion studio is a place to discover possibilities.  It’s a place to play with ideas and materials that are presented in new and exciting ways.  It’s a place where the artist within is nurtured and inspired through responsive instruction, thoughtful exchange, and an introduction to ways of working with materials that provoke the imagination.  Elizabeth is highly skilled and teaches with innovation and attention to each student’s individual needs.  She sees limitless possibility in the use of materials as she invites you to experiment and will gently guide you to realize your own unique vision through asking questions, offering choices and providing inspirational examples, resources and images.  Students will enjoy exploration with clay, wire, paint, fiber and mixed media in classes that range from sculpture, book arts, and wire figures, to personal shrines and assemblages.